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Smells So Good

Today is garbage pick up day in my neighborhood. Normally, after a string of warm days, taking out the trash would be an unpleasant task. Lucky for me, neither of the trash receptacles were full so they stayed in the garage, safe from pesky local raccoons.

I did, however, take out the two blue recycle bins from the side of the house to the end of the driveway.  On the way, I was met by a most wonderful perfume in the air. Two separate lilac bushes are in full bloom and their fragrance is just wonderful.  I’m so happy that both are doing so well as last year, they got confused by the early warm weather in March.  I’m still waiting for the lilac bush in the back yard to come to full bloom. I particularly like this lilac because it is white and not lavender in color.  During this time of spring, the “back wall” of my yard is starting to fill out in greenery and the white lilac has a chance to really stand out and show off it’s beauty.

2013-05-16 08.51.25

This weekend will mark the 59th annual Lilac Parade at a nearby town of Lombard, Il.  The centerpiece of the town is Lilacia Park, the home of 1,200 lilacs.  The park is a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the lilac. This parade is VERY popular with local residents who on Saturday, already stake out their viewing area curbside by placing their folding chairs and blankets to ensure their perfect spot. The parade takes place on the third Sunday in May and travels down Main Street.  When our girls were much younger, we would attend the parade after Sunday services.  They met their friends and waited until they could catch candy from the parade participants. Family BBQ’s would start after the parade to continue the day’s festivities.

I hope that wherever you may live, you have the time to enjoy the fragrance of blooming lilacs and attend a lilac parade.  If not, enjoy the beautiful spring flowers in your area and send me some pictures. I just love spring flowers.