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Goodbye Summer


This past weekend brought the close of summer and the start of autumn. The colors and blossoms of summer are now waning and the start of fall’s riot of color is upon us.

I was fortunate to have many opportunities this summer to visit garden centers nearby and enjoy the beauty of flowers. Flowers always seem to attract my attention while taking a bike ride, going for a walk or driving in the car.  I’ve been practicing taking snapshots with my Canon SX50 HS and my iPhone 5 and I try to capture images of the flowers that are unusual, vibrant in color and my personal favorites.

Fall has started on Sunday and I’ll  continue to enjoy walks near the river by our home,  visit garden centers and take short trips to capture the change of the season. I will share with you some of my favorite snapshots and hope they will bring you joy as they do for me.

Let’s say goodbye to some of summer’s beauties: “Summer Glow” tamarix ramosissima,  “Sights of Summer” dahlia hybrid and “Endless Summer” hydrangea macrphylla.