Comfort Food


Today I’m with my mother at a local casino, she’s gambling at the penny slots while I’m reading and writing.  She wanted to come today because she had a voucher for a free buffet lunch. She was so excited to try different foods that she normally would not prepare at home or try at a restaurant.  She liked everything and said it was “so fancy”. I asked her what she meant by that and stated everything was “pretty” which equated to “fancy”.  For me, there was nothing new to try but was happy with the salad selections and the raspberry mousse ( picture attached).

As I mentioned before, she is gambling (up $125.00) and I’m reading my favorite blogs which include cooking blogs.  As I’m reading, I’m thinking about comfort food that my Mom makes for my sister’s and myself.  She can make hot Farina cereal better than I can.  I recall when we were younger, we would decorate the top of our cereal bowl, my middle sister would make concentric circles of sultanas so she would get one with each bite while I would pour a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon to completely cover the surface so I would also have the sugary goodness with each bite.  She can prepare delicious crepes like no other.  They are a big hit with all her grandchildren.  After she is done gambling today, I will have cold borscht, lovingly made by my Mama, waiting for me At her home.  I know it will be super delicious and refreshing.  

Although I appreciate my Mom inviting me to the free buffet, her simple foods are my favorite comfort foods, good any day of the week. Ačiū Mama (thanks Mom).

Do you prepare comfort foods for others or are you the recipient?  I’d like to hear what are your favorites.

Spring Cleaning

Recently, there was a torrential rain in our area and we had some water come in thru our basement egress windows.  We dried out the wet area rugs, shop vac’d the carpeting wherever it was damp and then the really big job was ahead of us. Most of our old photos that were stored under one of these windows got wet or were damp.  We went thru ALL our photos and laid out the damp/wet ones on flat surfaces so they would dry out. As you would imagine, there were so many photos that brought back so many memories. Most of these photos have since dried out and have been stored in a large plastic tub far away from any window.

While going thru the photos, I came across some photos from an Earth Day Ride we participated in Chicago many years back.  I had forgotten about that event until I looked at the group shots I was in. (Yikes, I was much younger and leaner in those photos).  I knew that this year we would not be participating in an Earth Day event but vowed to be more involved next year.  I did, however, pitch many plastic kitchen storage containers (placed in recyclable garbage) and I’m slowly replacing them with glass containers. I remember my mom and grandmother using Pyrex dishes which both parts were glass (top and bottom). I’ve since purchased some Pyrex containers but they have plastic lids.  I think that I’ll be checking out yard sales this spring and summer for the older containers as I prefer glass/glass instead of plastic tops and glass bottoms.

Have any of you started to change the way you store items in your home, possibly in the same fashion you Mom or Grandma did when you were younger?  Looking back, I think some of those methods were certainly more Earth friendly. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, Sunday

Today was an unusual Sunday for me because we did not have to travel to the southwest suburbs of Chicago to take either Mom to church followed by some lunch.  Don’t get me wrong, I love both of them but, I miss the time we have with our daughters to go worship close to home and have a meal together afterwards to discuss what’s on everyone’s mind, how was the latest concert, movie, etc.  We are so blessed that our girls still live at home and we have time to have shared experiences. 

As it so happened, our oldest was coming home from Cleveland after participating in a folk dance festival and our oldest came home very early in the morning from a concert in Chicago. So, my husband and I got to church without either of them for the 9AM service followed by a delicious breakfast at “Daddio’s” in Batavia.  We had not been there in a while and were not surprised to see a line out the door. We were lucky and found 2 available stools at the counter. This Sunday, as every Sunday, “Daddio’s” was busy, busy, busy.  We had the opportunity to watch the cooking staff of two, which was directly across the counter from us, work like well trained dancers, anticipating each others moves.  Very few words were spoken between them, they just kept the orders coming and the customers were obviously happy with their results.

I thought of my husband and myself while watching the two cooks.  We’re just like them, we’ve learned from being married over 20 years, to anticipate each others moves/needs.  We know when to crack a joke, give an unexpected hug, praise them for all they do.  I’m so very grateful, he is my ying to my yang ( which can by trying at times). He likes to say something funny to make me smile or laugh each and every day. That is one of the reasons why I love him so.

I’d like to hear from you and how you complement you partner.