Comfort Food


Today I’m with my mother at a local casino, she’s gambling at the penny slots while I’m reading and writing.  She wanted to come today because she had a voucher for a free buffet lunch. She was so excited to try different foods that she normally would not prepare at home or try at a restaurant.  She liked everything and said it was “so fancy”. I asked her what she meant by that and stated everything was “pretty” which equated to “fancy”.  For me, there was nothing new to try but was happy with the salad selections and the raspberry mousse ( picture attached).

As I mentioned before, she is gambling (up $125.00) and I’m reading my favorite blogs which include cooking blogs.  As I’m reading, I’m thinking about comfort food that my Mom makes for my sister’s and myself.  She can make hot Farina cereal better than I can.  I recall when we were younger, we would decorate the top of our cereal bowl, my middle sister would make concentric circles of sultanas so she would get one with each bite while I would pour a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon to completely cover the surface so I would also have the sugary goodness with each bite.  She can prepare delicious crepes like no other.  They are a big hit with all her grandchildren.  After she is done gambling today, I will have cold borscht, lovingly made by my Mama, waiting for me At her home.  I know it will be super delicious and refreshing.  

Although I appreciate my Mom inviting me to the free buffet, her simple foods are my favorite comfort foods, good any day of the week. Ačiū Mama (thanks Mom).

Do you prepare comfort foods for others or are you the recipient?  I’d like to hear what are your favorites.


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