Spring Cleaning

Recently, there was a torrential rain in our area and we had some water come in thru our basement egress windows.  We dried out the wet area rugs, shop vac’d the carpeting wherever it was damp and then the really big job was ahead of us. Most of our old photos that were stored under one of these windows got wet or were damp.  We went thru ALL our photos and laid out the damp/wet ones on flat surfaces so they would dry out. As you would imagine, there were so many photos that brought back so many memories. Most of these photos have since dried out and have been stored in a large plastic tub far away from any window.

While going thru the photos, I came across some photos from an Earth Day Ride we participated in Chicago many years back.  I had forgotten about that event until I looked at the group shots I was in. (Yikes, I was much younger and leaner in those photos).  I knew that this year we would not be participating in an Earth Day event but vowed to be more involved next year.  I did, however, pitch many plastic kitchen storage containers (placed in recyclable garbage) and I’m slowly replacing them with glass containers. I remember my mom and grandmother using Pyrex dishes which both parts were glass (top and bottom). I’ve since purchased some Pyrex containers but they have plastic lids.  I think that I’ll be checking out yard sales this spring and summer for the older containers as I prefer glass/glass instead of plastic tops and glass bottoms.

Have any of you started to change the way you store items in your home, possibly in the same fashion you Mom or Grandma did when you were younger?  Looking back, I think some of those methods were certainly more Earth friendly. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day everyone!


One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. In our house growing up Saran Wrap was the way we stored left overs, usually just placed on top of the plate of uneaten food. Sometimes my mom would put a plate together of the entire meal for anyone who wasn’t able to be home at dinner time so that it would be easy to just pop in the microwave. Which was nice to come home to after dance practice or being at school late studying.

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